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Unsecured Cash Advances – up to £100k – created to help business owners, just like you!

10 May 2013 Unsecured Cash Advances – created to help business owners, just like you from Ashley Business Cash!

Alliance & Leicester is now part of the Santander Group, the bank for personal loans
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Objective Market Research: Get a new perspective

When established businesses attempt to launch a new product or service they often do market research to ensure their new venture is viable. However, increasingly established businesses are researching their current clients about new ideas. This article outlines the many reasons why businesses should expand their research outside their current clientele, and discusses the benefits of objective research when an established business launches a new project.

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Employers urged to take extra care of young people starting summer jobs by British Safety Council

Workers are far more likely to be injured in workplace accidents during the first few months of a new job than at any other time says the British Safety Council.

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FREE fuel cards from Ashley Finance

Fuel Cards – Ashley now offer clients the convenience of a Fuel Card. No additional cost, Ashley supply the card(s), payments are conveniently taken via the facility – no extra hassle or administration for the you, just an easier way of handling the daily fuel costs!

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