Closing the Deal When Selling by Phone

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August 22, 2009

The art of closing is varied and tricky. It involves both thought and listening to work effectively.

Closing can either be a sudden “So how many would you like?” moment or a gradual process of closing and getting feedback. By asking questions that check the thoughts of the client, and listening to the answers, you can gradually obtain all the information needed to close.

Questions like:

  • “Is that what you are looking for?”
  • “How does that seem?”
  • “What do you think?”

All make small steps towards closing, as well as potentially revealing information that will make closing easier.

For example:

  • “Is that what you are looking for?”
  • “That seems alright, but I don’t believe you will be able to provide the service by next week.”
  • “I will personally see to it that the service is there if you give me your ok.”

In a case such as this, the small step reveals the major worry, which can then be addressed in or before closing.

“Sometimes, a client will close the sale themselves”

Sometimes, a client will close the sale themselves: “If you can have it running by Friday then we’ll go for it”. Make sure that if your client says a closing line, you do not miss it!


  • Know your objectives before you call
  • Prepare – Know which company you are calling, and what they do
  • Be consultative – Sell a solution to the clients needs, not your product
  • Ask “Why” questions to find out what your client wants
  • Be confident and enthusiastic, without being arrogant!
  • Be empathetic and understanding; give the client your personal touch
  • Listen to what the client says, note down all relevant information for reference later
  • Overcome rejections with questions, not a sales pitch
  • Gradual closing, checking questions will work better than a single blunt close

Most of these tips are useful in building existing business relationships as well as in selling new ones. The concepts of listening to the customer, being consultative and enthusiastic are relevant with almost all business contacts.

The art of telephone sales is such a large area that it would be impossible to cover every aspect over a single article. There are many books on the subject available, which go into all areas in significant detail.

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