Ashley Business Cash advances made easy

Last Updated
May 10, 2013

Small businesses such as Restaurants, pubs, hotels, hairdressers, bed and breakfasts, bike shops, MOT service centres, chemists, dentists, opticians, convenience stores, off licences, florists, shop-fitters and any other independent retail store can apply for a business cash advance from future PDQ receivables and pay back automatically usually over 6 months. Growing businesses can extend cash advances easily. NO NEED TO CHANGE YOUR PDQ PROVIDER saving you hassle. Advance cash can help boost your profits.

Better than a bank loan!

Unlike a bank loan there is no paper work, no up front fees, no fixed monthly payments, high approval rates and fast turnaround. NO NEED TO CHANGE YOUR PDQ PROVIDER You can even extend your loan at any time to ensure an ongoing source of capital as your business grows. Unsecured cash advances of £10,000 to £100,000 based on your future credit/debit card sales.

What can you use the cash for ?

You can use the the cash for any business need whether that is working capital, opening additional locations, refurbishment of premises, equipment purchases, marketing and advertising, additional stock purchase, VAT, PAYE, rent, wages or any other business need you may have.

Is my business eligible for Ashley Business Cash ?

To be eligible for the business cash advance service from Ashley Business Cash your business must:

  • Have been operating for at least 12 months
  • Be processing at least 20 credit/debit card transactions per month
  • Be processing an average of £10,000 per/month in credit/debit card transactions
  • Have more than 1 year left on the lease
  • Be in good standing order with your credit card company
  • Have 12 months credit/debit card processing statements
  • Not be a seasonal business

Ashley have been helping 1,000′ s of small businesses to boost their cash flow since 1994. They understand how small businesses operate and in the current climate finding funding through the banks via overdrafts and loans with all the red tape involved a real hassle if you can get it! They also do an invoice finance service to generate immediate cash for a business (up to 90% of invoice value) to pay wages, suppliers, increase business working capital, NIC, PAYE, VAT, HMRC etc There in NO CHARGE for a business cash advance enquiry take the first step today or find out more or ask for a FREE callback or have a Livechat!

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