Invoice finance will speed up your cash flow

Last Updated
February 7, 2013

Could invoice finance help your cash flow and help your business to grow, read on

Cash Flow

It may be stating the obvious, but the number one reason for using invoice finance is to generate immediate cash (up to 90% of invoice value) to pay wages, suppliers etc. This means happy employees, discounts from suppliers and, most importantly, a lot less stress for the business owner. In addition, a business which is already trading (as opposed to a start-up) can release a lump sum cash injection from its current sales ledger.

Professional Credit Control

Invoice finance allows the client to outsource its credit control, freeing up time for better things such as winning new orders and keeping staff happy!


The beauty of invoice finance is that the funding available automatically increases in line with the client’s sales. Compare this to the inflexibility of an overdraft, which requires a business to keep going “cap in hand” to the bank manager for increases in the facility.

Don’t Put Your Home at Risk!

A bank will often require your home as security for an overdraft – this is not required for an invoice finance facility. This company could help improve your cash flow

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