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September 3, 2010

WAP & The Internet

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) allows you to view Internet material on your mobile phone. However, you cannot view any Internet page on your mobile phone. You can only view Internet pages that have been written using a special WAP coding called WML (HTML coding is used to allow your computer to display Internet pages on your PC).

Enough of the technical details! :)

Consequently, you can only view Internet pages on your mobile phone that have been written with WML coding. Since the launch of WAP in the late 1990′s, many web publishers have acknowledged the increasing (rapidly!) use of WAP mobile phones and have therefore written a WAP version of their site for mobile phone viewing.

Although not every web publisher has a WAP version of their web site, the numbers are increasing so it is all about finding out who they are.

Internet material downloaded on your PC usually begins with http://www. where WAP Internet material usually begins with http://wap.

500 WAP Links!

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